IIA - Diary



  • To collect information and reports from trained Peer Influencers on any conversations they have had with other students.
  • To learn from Peer Influencers ways to improve future Influence in Action training and programs.
  • To share tips and questions with all Peer Influencers across Canada.

Note: These diaries can be used by any student who has participated in an Influence in Action, Peer Influencers Training Session. All information entered in the Diaries will be kept confidential. Information in the Tips may be put on our web site to share with and support all of the Peer Influencers across Canada.

Diary - Report a Conversation You Had.

Click here to make notes on a conversation you've had with another/other students, after your training. Whatever you report here will be kept confidential and be looked at only by researchers from our Centre, in order to evaluate and improve our program for everyone. Your comments here will not be seen by anyone at your school or in your family. We really appreciate your willingness to share your experiences, positive or negative, with us!

Tips - Your questions, tips, advice for other Peer Influencers.

Click here to ask any questions you might have, express any difficulties you have encountered, or to share any tips about what you've done that really worked well. Whatever you report here may be shared on our Influence in Action web site so for other Peer Influencers to see, learn from, and comment on. If we publish your comments, we will not include your name or school.

Thanks for all your hard work and have fun!

The Students Commission