School Tools

Here are some tools to help you get the Influence in Action set up in your school.

Step One

Read over the Description of our Two-Day Training to get a feel for how the program could work in your school. You may also read over the Data Procedures Summary to get a feel for how the data from your students will be secured and safeguarded.

Step Two

Download and print the Letter of Agreement, have your school administrator sign it and fax it to our Toronto office at 416 597-0661. This will confirm that your school has agreed to participate in our pilot program.

Step Three

Download and print the Instructions for Teachers and the Influencer Questionnaire and Quiz for either Elementary Schools or Secondary Schools. Number all three pages of each set (first page, questionnaire and quiz) with the same number, one set for each student. Have your students fill out the first page with their name and birthdate, then collect these and put them into an envelope. Seal the envelope. Then have your students fill out the second and third pages, collect them and put them into a second envelope. Seal the envelope.

Step Four

Mail both envelopes to us at (Express Post, signature required):

The Students Commission, Centre of Excellence
23 Isabella St., Toronto ON M4Y 1M7

Step Five

We will analyze the results of your questionnaire and call you with the names of the students in your class who were identified as peer influencers.

Step Six

Download and print the Consent Forms for parents and students identified as peer influencers. Have each peer influencer's parent or guardian sign the Parent Consent form. This gives permission for their child (your student) to participate in the program and evaluation as a peer influencer.
Also, have each peer influencer sign the Peer Influencer Consent form, showing that they are willing to participate in the Training and in the Program.
Please return both sets of forms to The Students Commission representative in your area, or fax to 416 597-0661, or pdf and email to Sharif Mahdy – sharifm@tgmag.ca.

Step Seven

Call your local contact at The Students Commission to arrange for your peer influencers to take part in the two-day training.

Have Fun!!

Let us know if you have any questions, problems, or suggestions for how to improve this program. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Sharif Mahdy at 416 597 8297.


The Students Commission