#CanadaWeWant Conference

March 3-10, 2020

At this youth conference we will continue to explore this key question: What do young people want for Canada? 170 youth and adult allies from every province and territory are invited to come together to take action on issues that are impacting young people. Together, conference delegates will discuss and study the issues of greatest relevance to Canadian youth, decide on concrete actions to take, and be supported to present their findings to key decision makers. Be part of this fun and exciting event, and bring the momentum back home to your community.

There is a travel subsidy available for those who live outside of Southern Ontario. Partial travel costs are covered and arranged by the SCC upon receipt or confirmation of the conference registration fee and completed conference forms.  Conference fees for this event represent 65% of the costs involved in delivering and hosting the conference. The Students Commission is subsidizing the remaining 35% of the costs.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us at 416-597-8297 or through e-mail: info@studentscommission.ca.

How to Register:

Step 1: Register through Eventbrite.

Step 2: Complete the Conference Registration forms and email or mail a copy to the Students Commission of Canada.

Photo montage of youth at Student Commission events.

Event Services

Our team can work with you and your organization to plan, develop, execute and evaluate your entire event. One of our strengths in youth-focused event planning and management is being able to quickly, efficiently, and effectively bring together everything needed to ensure the success of your program.


We work with partners and youth to deliver interactive capacity building opportunities for all audiences. Workshops are tailored for audiences based on the content shared.


We deliver one to seven day conferences for youth and adult allies. The conferences are geared to generating and influencing community and systems level changes through direct youth recommendations and the development of community action projects.

Sharing the Stories Knowledge Exchanges

An opportunity for youth, adult allies and academics to come together to review the research and trends generated from the Sharing the Stories research and evaluation platform.

Fine-Grain Interactions

The one-to-one or one-to-a-few interactions between youth and/or between youth and adults. These interactions accumulate and can often result in bottom-up changes to policies and programs. We foster these interactions by working with other partners to create organic spaces and places for youth and/or adults to connect with one another. We support weekly youth groups across our network of partners.